What Peter Does

​​​Peter is a Payment Specialist

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​Peter is client focused. Peter recognises that each country, (and market within) has its own unique characteristics and customs. No one solution fits all and similarly no one consultancy template fits all.

Using his experience and his portfolio of completed work Peter rarely has to start from the beginning but the outcomes are always unique and fit your requirements.

Peter recognises the criticality of meeting deadlines and keeping clients updated with progress.

On larger assignments or assignments that go beyond his boundaries of expertise Peter collaborates with suitably experienced and well respected colleagues.



​​​​Peter's key qualifications come from 28 years in the payments industry where he has developed extensive business and technical knowledge from the experience of delivering payment solutions to an international market.

Peter matches his wide range of experience  plus leadership capability to deliver results.

Payment System Strategic

​Understanding your capability, aligning them to the market and developing your path to success.

Payment System Reviews

Identifying weaknesses, inefficiencies and defining solutions.


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Goldfinch ADVISORY​​

Transaction Modelling

Building transaction models to derive an understand of the costs to underpin a market driven pricing policy.

System Architecture & Design

Developing a system solution to satisfy your business needs.

RFP Management

Based on a proven methodology  the process covers drafting the RFP based on your requirements through issuance, evaluation and short listing of vendors using your scoring  criteria.